How To Use The Zoom® Platform In Education

by Ed Campos Jr.

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If you've felt comfortable engaging students and building community in person but don’t know how to do the same using Zoom®, then you'll love this mini workshop.  My goal is to help you feel confident using Zoom® to engage students, build community, and provide a culture of fun learning.

We'll begin by talking about how we're even supposed to get started.  Then we'll talk about what we need to set up Zoom® and our at home classroom.  From there we'll talk about delivering lessons and avoiding lecturing all period.  Next we'll cover how to facilitate student conversations online and how to determine if students are learning what we're teaching them.  We'll wrap it up with steps we can use to keep growing professionally to support our students.

Ed Campos Jr.

About the Instructor

Ed Campos Jr.

Ed currently works as an Independent Education Consultant and Math/Computer Science/Ed Tech Consultant with Kings County Office of Education in the Central Valley of California.  He taught high school Math and Computer Science for over 15 years in the San Joaquin Valley where he was instrumental in creating a model 21st century math learning space that allowed his students to express themselves, present, and teach their peers in a multitude of ways.  He has a passion for travel, technology, and for empowering students and colleagues with the skills and knowledge that make the classroom more fun and effective.