Trust The Count

by Sue Looney

Next Semester: Sep 28 - Nov 7, 2020
Access through Jan 15, 2021


Subject: Mathematics

Grade Level: Elementary School

Registration opens September 11 at 8:00AM PDT

Semesters Offered:

  • Fall 2020
  • Spring 2021
  • Summer 2021
  • Fall 2021

2 to 4 Graduate Level Professional Development Credits Available

Topics Covered:

  • Counting

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Early experiences with counting form the foundation for a lifetime of number sense. Let's explore how to teach children to count with deep understanding.

The Trust the Count workshops begins by exploring why early childhood mathematics is so important in the development of number sense. We then will consider how language plays a role in that development. Next, we will learn powerful activities for visualizing quantity. From there, we will look at assessment of counting, learning how to know if your students truly trust the count. We will consider how young learners can show you their thinking. We will learn which tools and activities for trusting the count apply to larger numbers. Finally, we will connect this information with your current teaching. 

By teaching children to trust the count, we build a strong foundation in mathematics. 

Sue Looney

About the Instructor

Sue Looney

Hi, I’m Sue Looney, founder of Looney Math Consulting, and lifelong learner. In my 25 years in education, I have worked at the district level, at the university level and am currently an author, speaker and consultant. When I began teaching, I quickly became aware of significant gaps in students’ understanding of mathematics. Even when students were “successful”, they often did not have a deep understanding and love for mathematics. It became my mission to learn WHY students struggle, and to learn HOW to teach students with understanding while conveying that math is a creative and joyful subject. I have spent my career as a mathematics educator pursuing these answers and sharing what I learn.

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