What We Believe

Core Values

Build relationships

Relationships are like roads: they take time to build but everything flows better once they’re there. Building relationships with our team, instructors, partners, and customers is crucial to our continued success.

We win with diversity

Teams with diverse lived experiences are better equipped to see opportunities, avoid obstacles, and be prepared to adapt to change.

Get it right, not be right

Merging our team’s best ideas through productive discourse often provides better results than what any single person could come up with.

Empower others

Providing others with the support and resources they need helps them grow and allows us to become influential leaders they trust and respect.

Family comes first

Taking care of ourselves and our loved ones are our top priorities. We proactively work to ensure that we meet both our personal and professional needs.

Always keep learning

If we’re not continually growing, we’ll have outdated skills, miss critical opportunities, and won’t realize our time has passed until it’s too late.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create highly educated global communities by empowering dozens of instructors to inspire thousands of educators who will teach millions of students.

Vision Statement

We give educators control over their professional growth by allowing them to choose what they learn, who they learn it from, and the flexibility to do it on their own schedule.