How To Engage Students In Live Distance Learning

by Mike Flynn

Subject: Remote Instruction

Grade Levels:

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College

Start Date: Immediate access

Access for 16 weeks

3 Professional Development Hours

Timing: Self-paced with no set meeting time

1 Graduate Level Professional Development Credit Available

Topics Covered:

  • Teaching Remotely
  • Establishing Relationships
  • Building Class Community Online
  • Adapting Effective Teaching Practices to Work in Zoom
  • Using Zoom's Features to Enhance Student Engagement
  • Integrating G Suite with Zoom to Support Collaboration in Breakout Rooms
  • Navigating Challenges
  • Advanced Distance Learning Strategies
  • Using Slides as Virtual Background
  • Making Communication with Parents Easier for Everyone

One mangrove tree will be planted

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If you've felt frustrated because you have to teach online but don't know to engage students in this format, then my mini workshop is for you.  You'll leave feeling empowered because you know how to recreate your face-to-face experiences in distance learning formats and feel more prepared to meet your students’ needs.

We'll begin by exploring what successful online teaching and learning looks like.  From there we'll talk better ways to get started as well as how to design and deliver interactive lessons.  Then we'll learn about increasing student engagement and learning? Finally, we'll wrap it up by working on navigating to challenges we face and adapting as our needs change.

Mike Flynn

About the Instructor

Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn is the director of Mathematics Leadership Programs at Mount Holyoke College. He runs the Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics program and creates a wide variety of professional learning for educators looking to become leaders in mathematics education.

Mike also travels to schools around the country to work with teachers, coaches, and administrators. His expertise on developing people's mathematical content knowledge and supporting systemic change help make these big shifts much easier for staff, students, and parents. Mike is also the author of Beyond Answers: Exploring Mathematical Practices with Young Children.