How To Use Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive And Gmail (Even Better)

by Tyler Tarver


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About This Workshop

If you ever get stressed out trying to deal with your Gmail, Docs, or other Google products, there’s a better way! 

We want to help you leverage Google products to make your life easier, not to add you more work! We’ll start by reviewing where you are in your Google journey, and how we’re going to make your life easier with some tips and steps utilizing each product! Then we’ll tackle your daily to-do list generator, aka Gmail! Then we will move on to Google Docs and give you the tools you need to be even more efficient. After that, we’ll do the same with Google Sheets then Google Slides. Finally, we’ll wrap everything up with how to best organize it all in your Google Drive (and maybe even give you some free resources and templates to guide you along the way)!

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Tyler Tarver

About the Instructor

Tyler Tarver

Dr. Tyler Tarver loves helping teachers. He's a teacher, admin, learner, and speaker! He has over 50 million views and 400k subscribers across YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. He is the founder and creator of a plethora of resources over at Tarver Academy, and has written four books (The Baller Teacher Playbook and 3 others that are meh), hosts multiple podcasts, has his superintendent certification, and has a doctorate in educational leadership from Harding University. He's also a Google Innovator, Google Certified Trainer, Apple Distinguished Educator, Apple Certified Foundations Trainer, and was on the Google Forms Expert Team. He has been a teacher, director, principal, and fake Assistant Superintendent. He is probably not a horcrux.