Keys To Unlock Magical Learning

by Tisha Richmond



  • Family and Consumer Science
  • General
  • Technology

Grade Levels:

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College

Not Currently Available

Semesters Offered:

25 Professional Development Hours

Timing: Self-paced with no set meeting time

2-4 Graduate Level Professional Development Credits Available

Topics Covered:

  • Gamification
  • Educational Technology
  • Innovating Teaching Methods
  • Engagement
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Sketchnoting
  • Games
  • Pear Deck
  • Magic
  • Technology
  • Family and Consumer Science
  • Career and Technical Education

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We all want to create amazing learning experiences for our students but in our ever-changing and fast-paced world it is becoming increasingly difficult to engage the 21st century learner.

In this workshop you will unlock keys that will transform your teaching and create unforgettable classroom experiences. We'll begin by unlocking the keys to becoming a stress-free teacher. Then we'll discuss how to create an incredible classroom culture. From there we'll explore how to design the ultimate gamified lessons. We'll then discover how to maximize learner engagement and unlock the best strategies for amplifying learning in the 21st century classroom. Finally, we'll explore how to design authentic assessments that students love.

Come away energized, empowered, and fully equipped to create incredible learning experiences in your classroom to engage our 21st century learners!

Tisha Richmond

About the Instructor

Tisha Richmond

Tisha Richmond is a passionate and innovative Tech Instructional Coach, Learning Management Coordinator, and Family and Consumer Science teacher from Southern Oregon. She is passionate about infusing joy, passion, play and gamified strategies into classrooms to make learning MAGICAL. Tisha is the author of the book Make Learning MAGICAL, which unlocks the keys to transforming teaching and creating unforgettable experiences in the classroom. In 2017, she was a finalist for her district’s Golden Pear Educator Award and the recipient of the Golden Pear Educator Secondary Teacher Award in 2018. Additionally, Tisha was a first place winner of the 2018 Henry Ford Innovation Nation Educator Award. She speaks nationally on a variety of topics and is continually sharing her resources and ideas on social media and on her website,

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