Transformed Lesson Planning

by Shannon Kiebler

4 Months' Access


12 Months' Access


Not Currently Available

Subject: Mathematics

Grade Level: Elementary School

Semesters Offered:

14.5 Professional Development Hours

Timing: Self-paced with no set meeting time

2-4 Graduate Level Professional Development Credits Available

Topics Covered:

  • Lesson Planning
  • Student-Centered
  • Transformed Textbook Lessons
  • Quality Tasks
  • Transform with Visuals
  • Transform with Math Tools
  • Transform Engagement
  • Transform Lessons through Errors
  • Transform Teacher Moves
  • Transform Teacher Questioning
  • Transform Student Ownership
  • Transform Ending of Lessons
  • Keep Learning through Anchor Charts
  • Transform Assessments

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Student-centered lessons have students loving math class. Simply transform your current lessons into engaging and successful mathematical experiences.

Do you want to improve your math instruction, simplify the planning process, and create engaging and effective lessons that both you and your students will enjoy? This workshop is for you! For this workshop, you won't need additional lesson materials.  We’ll learn how to use what you already have so that you can transform your teaching, learning, and lesson planning. We’ll explore why the lesson plans you currently use may need transforming, and how to effectively begin a lesson to increase engagement, equity, and ownership of learning. From there, we’ll learn how to simply shift your questions and teacher actions so that students are doing most of the thinking.  You’ll learn how to anchor learning so it doesn’t go away the next day, and how to fit it all in within the pressing demands of your pacing guides.
Shannon Kiebler

About the Instructor

Shannon Kiebler

Shannon is currently an independent math coach, national speaker, and a professional learning specialist. Believing the best learning happens inside the classroom, she works alongside teachers and students daily in classrooms. Her goal is to help inspire and model simple, consistent, and transformative shifts in daily instruction to increase student thinking, discourse, and engagement.  With experience as a curriculum writer, adjunct professor, math specialist/interventionist, and content creator, Shannon has spent nearly 20 years learning how to help students, teachers, and parents rewrite their personal math stories into ones of excellence, success, and fun. You can describe Shannon's teaching style as practical, inspiring, and transformative!