Up For Debate

by Chris Luzniak

Next Semester: Oct 4 - Nov 13, 2021
Access through Jan 21, 2022


Subject: Mathematics

Grade Levels:

  • Middle School
  • High School

Registration opens Sep 17 at 8:00AM PDT

Semesters Offered:

  • Fall 2021
  • Spring 2022

20 Professional Development Hours

2-4 Graduate Level Professional Development Credits Available

Topics Covered:

  • Student Discourse
  • Debatable Questions
  • Debate in Math Class
  • Debate Activities
  • Talking Routines
  • Listening Routines
  • Real-Life Connections
  • Empowerment

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Imagine: Debate, often a humanities staple, as an integral part of your math classes. Debate activities have been proven to increase student achievement and understanding. So let's explore ways to incorporate debates into everyday math lessons, from warm-ups to assessments! We will start with short routines for building a classroom culture where students are empowered to discuss and debate mathematics. Then we will build to larger classroom debate activities, where students use math to tackle real-world scenarios. In our lessons, we will explore specific routines and structures, from sentence starters to better questioning, that you can use that will give ALL students a voice in their learning. 

Chris Luzniak

About the Instructor

Chris Luzniak

Chris Luzniak is currently a math teacher and department chair at The Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles. His 16+ years of teaching mathematics began in New York City public schools, where he also founded and coached the Speech and Debate team. Through this combination of teaching and coaching, Chris has worked to develop debate routines that bring student voice and discussion into the math classroom. He coaches teachers in both math and science to develop real-world debate activities for students. Some of his work can be seen at luzniak.com, and is currently being published by Stenhouse Publishers

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